• Use company email for everything.

  • Company Group Email addresses.

  • Keep emails to internal.

  • Set Snoozes on your emails.

  • Send out "Client:" on all client-related emails.

  • Always reply all.

  • Email etiquette.

  • Always CC your Manager.

  • Bill all time.

  • be descriptive with each task.

  • stay up to date with recording.


Google Drive

  • Everything must go in google drive.

  • Structure of google drive.

  • Download Google Filestream.


  • Keep calendar up to date.

  • Use calendar to book a meeting.

  • Document everything.

  • Manage your tasks and update daily.

  • First check vendors for prior expenses, then google, then uncategorized.



  • Chat channel.

  • Communication.

  • We use google hangouts for all meetings , and video chats.

  • We use calendly to request meetings, but can also be done directly via calendar.

  • 80% Utilization.

  • Always work through problems, then make a list of outstanding items.

  • With all tasks, confirm the amount of time allotted, and the due date.